Land of Dreams

Closed to the public in 2006, Japan's Nara Dreamland has been left more or less intact and untouched by anybody except for the urban explorers who have made this one of the most extensively documented exploration sights around. Despite regular patrols by security guards and extensive video surveillance, throngs of explorers have visited this knock-off of Anaheim's Disneyland - complete with colossal wooden roller coasters, spooky mazes, and lushly painted merry-go-rounds - in order to document its singular sights.

In fact, so many folks have uploaded jaw-dropping photos of Nara Dreamland that have gathered up sixty-five of their favorites, creating a virtual tour for those of us without ready access to this funpark outside of Osaka. Here are a few of the most striking shots to whet your appetite!

Categories: urban exploration

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